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    NeoClassic case

    ***Scroll down for update***

    Neo Classic Case: modding and installing components

    I waited a long time for this case and finally got one from in Germany. I was disappointed to find that it didn't come as the test models I'd read about did, with the sound damping material pre-fitted, silicon coating on the steel case, four ADDA quiet fans and a pretty clam shell of coloured screws. Oh well. So I bought two Panaflo M1As for the front and two L1As for the rear, and added some MagicFleece to the order for good measure.

    I thought I'd take some pictures as I put it together and share them with my silencing enthusiast colleagues at Check the last two pictures for a view of the gap below the front panel that serves as an air intake hole; it does seem to work well - the case comes with four rubber feet so as long as you don't have your case in a shag-pile carpet it should be okay. I've not had any problems anyway, running a P4 at 2.0Ghz (NOT overclocked) with a Zalman flower cooler with a Papst NGL 8412 blowing on it. Max temp I've seen is 60 with CPU at full load and all four fans at 12v.

    ***Update: 26/12/2005***

    This case is about to be retired. As time went on, the temps seemed to get higher. At full load, with all four fans on at audible levels, temps would reach 70C. After getting my new AMD64 system, the P4 was moved into the living room where its noise level was much more noticable due to the system's location. The HDD is not suspended either, so it seemed like a good time to splash out for an Antec P-150 and Scythe Ninja HS. So that's what I did, along with another 512MB of RAM. That RAMBUS is still pricey -- 96 for 2 x 256MB RIMMS with shipping.

    I'll report back about temps and noise levels when the new case and HS arrives. I plan to run the HS fanless, but added a Nexus 120 orange fan to the order just in case.

    Fitting odd bits of MagicFleece to the front panel MagicFleece on case bottom MagicFleece on case ceiling!
    Side panels with MagicFleece Fan mount isolators Mounting Panaflo M1A to front
    Fan mount isolators at rear Zalman components Case getting ready to go
    Nice light! Panaflo M1As mounted to the front Panaflo L1As on case rear
    Papst NGL 8412 aimed at Zalman cooler Just the sides to go back on... .. and there we have it!
    Rear view with everything in Air intake closed Air intake open
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